Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stupid webhosts deleted my site

My site has beene deleted totally! Some stupid web hosting that I use for one of my website which I run my buisness on deiced stupidly that they would move it servers but in the process delete everything. what complete and utter freaks! Stupid nerds dont do any work all day webhoster's just accept money and put websites on a server and thats it they dont actually do anything else.. it is as though some dumb nerd just wanted to wreck my business now it means that i have to troll google cache to retrieve all my old pages and content again hours waster because some moron doesn't know how to save a website properly when transferring it is really annoying!!!! Hmmm I pay  alot of money for that webhsoting too I guess I wont be paying for their hosting again Im moving!

1 comment:

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