Thursday, 28 November 2013

Stupid webhosts deleted my site

My site has beene deleted totally! Some stupid web hosting that I use for one of my website which I run my buisness on deiced stupidly that they would move it servers but in the process delete everything. what complete and utter freaks! Stupid nerds dont do any work all day webhoster's just accept money and put websites on a server and thats it they dont actually do anything else.. it is as though some dumb nerd just wanted to wreck my business now it means that i have to troll google cache to retrieve all my old pages and content again hours waster because some moron doesn't know how to save a website properly when transferring it is really annoying!!!! Hmmm I pay  alot of money for that webhsoting too I guess I wont be paying for their hosting again Im moving!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Search engine optimization right for your buisness

If your website defines your business then seo is something you cannot miss out on. The fact si that people get their information from search engines they find out about new sites from searching and if you site no matter how great it is but if it aint on top of the search results or site will suffer. Sites that need search engine traffic will stop at nothing to get it. Make sure that you site is on the right side of the seo law and you do only white hate seo.. but mind you any form of seo is apparently spam according to the search engines.. white hat seo at least makes it look as though other people are promoting your business even if that is not the case. Getting customers through the search engines can be easy if you know how.. just dont spam and just dont give up that's my advice!

How to do seo

In my last article I explained how a Sheffield seo company can make you local business go up int he search engines. Now I will be explaining a bit more about how seo actually works.. whether or not you are trying to rank for local terms like Sheffield..whatever or big competitive keyword that could just be one word.

Oh yeah I thought I should mention the difference of on and off page seo. There are two kinds of seo on page which is how good your site is and the second one if off page seo which backlinks!!!! Both are pretty hard to do.

The main ingredients to seo is link. But not always are you in control of what sites are linking to you and sometimes spammy links can start linking to you which can really hurt your rankings. You cannot really stop your competitor from building spam links to your domains so really it is the luck of the draw when it comes down to it. But to increase your chances of not being penalized you will need a super strong backlink profile! High pr domains and lots of them will mean that if some moron does decide to try negative seo out on your site you wont really be that badly hit. For soe you need lots of non spam links.. what then makes a non spam link well on the page linking to you it must be panda friendly (panda being the name for the on page algorithm which actually checks to see if a web page is spam or non) duplicate content or unreadable keyword stuffed content makes for bad links. Also make sure that your link are also diverse as it is unnatural and obvious that it is some one making links if all your links contain the keyword that you are trying to target. The main thing you should be aiming to do is to make links for your users and forget about search bots.. I know that sounds crazy but it creates non spam link if you stick to that principle trust me. And now you know the fundamentals of seo! Well done! If you still a bit confused.. even I am a bit to be honest after re reading this mini article then I suggest you take a look at this little seo blog here, it explains it far better than I ever could.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Local businesses in sheffield webdesign and seo what you should know

If you dont know how to get your business started and get customers on the internet a great place to start is by contacting a local marketing company.. preferably one that offers seo services. Seo is what will help you get seen and help you get your websites visible and ranking highly on the search engines. Seo stands for search engine optimizations and is used by many many online businesses to get lots of customers. I am from Sheffield myself and there are many different marketing and seo company's out there but if you are going to go for a seo company make sure they design your website too.. as you want a company that knows you and your brand inside out so they are better at promoting it too? So you saying I need to not only get seo but web design as well? That is right.. good web deign is key to getting people attention and success on the internet plus not only that a good web design need to be seo friendly. Here in Sheffield there really are tons of seo firms offering this and that at loads of different costs and it can be quite expensive.. but if you are only targeting people in Sheffield then what you need is local seo.. so the seo company that you must hire should target local keywords.. for example Sheffield plumbers or Sheffield electricians.. you get the point right? So the best advise I can give you is not to settle with one company doing seo for you and another doing your webdesign.. it is far better to get one company to do both as this will reduce sot and you will end up getting a seo company that can make seo friendly websites and know your brand and website inside and out meaning they stand better chance of writing and promoting it. Seo and web deign doesn't have to cost a lot... not if you go for a local company that is... if you just pick any non local company chances are you are going to get scammed.. Another point to mention is to not just dive in and getting the website that appears have a browse and see who is the best designer out there.. but then again with seo... who is ranking number 1 is usually a indicator of who is best when it comes to seo!

Heel lifts are a great way to grow taller!

Heel lifts (or rather height increasing insoles) are the only good way in my opinion of getting taller. Trust me on this I have tried many many different ways to try and grow taller (see im quite small really and Iv searched and searched for and tried many many different way to grow taller.. from stretching exercises which did to be honest give me a bit more height with the better posture I got from them. And I even tried out other ways like elevator shoes.. but elevator shoes weren't the best way to look taller.. because with elevator shoes everyone can see the huuge heel on the shoes). By far for me height increasing insoles have saved the day for me. without these insoles I would be still struggling and puzzled on how to grow taller. But now I have them I can safely say they have helped change my life for the better. I am much much taller and people dont know why.. they just assume i naturally grew this tall... hehe. The heel lifts have done a lot for me helping me find confidence and peoples reactions towards me are much better than when I was small... but the amazing thing is though that these insoles had just cost me £10...I think the insoles were £10 they may even have been less. Comfortable to wear. easy to put on and unnoticeable... 3inches taller... no complaints from me!

Don't waste your time trying to find miracle ways to grow taller... Iv tried them all and non of them except form wearing heel lifts and doing stretches helped me.... DO NOT be tricked into taking human growth hormones these are really not good for your health!

How to get taller!

Who knew you could get taller from just buying some insoles.. but by getting a pair of some height insoles you can get taller.. it is that easy. Many people on the internet will shout out about how they have the secrets to growing taller.. if you only buy there ebook.. and other scammer's will tell you that taking their magical human growth hormone pills will do just the trick of making your grow taller.. but really they aren't interested in your well being these guys are only wanting your money... and sadly many are fooled by these scammmers.... Well hopefully you wont be fooled... Honestly there really is not much you can do to grow taller once your body stops growing. trust me. You can though cheat your height by fooling people into believing your taller by grabbing a pair of height increasing insoles. Trust me they do work... you got nothing to loose and unlike human growth hormones they wont damage your health and aren't really expensive.

Get healthy through running

Running is really important for cardio vascular health... People maybe really busy in modern life but they are the wrong kind of busy.. they are not active but busy working away sat in front of a computer all day and not really moving.. (adding stress into the equation stress something that many suffer from) means that many are at high risk of cardio problems like heart attacks. If you feel like you just never have enough energy even when your not really doing anything then you need to force your body to be more active by moving and running more often. Exercise will help your body wake up! Your mood will get better.. you will have more energy strangely.. and you will be much much more healthy. Running can be done at the start of everyday.. make sure you start running it is well worth it!